Ellipse Avocats' Law offices

Who we are

The ELLIPSE AVOCATS network offers our clients a high quality alternative for technical matters and client relations, based on a dynamic of sustainable development.
After many years of experience in large business law firms, we have chosen to deploy our expertise within human-scale organisations, preferring to foster a closer relationship with our clients.
Our approach is based on a bond of trust and a commitment to being engaged, available, reactive and transparent so that we can best serve our clients’ interests and expectations, whatever the case.
We are committed to pursuing an innovative direction in both the content and manner of our interventions.

What we do

Faced with an often « blinkered » approach to juridical matters, we are committed to adopt a more transversal attitude, in employment-security-environment-social protection. We are also active in two up and coming sectors (sport & energy), in which this transversality is equally important.
These are areas characterised at once by:

  • significant organisational, human, financial and media challenges
  • great instability, a source of legal uncertainty and « pitfalls » for companies: a changing environment which requires permanent monitoring and management
  • all this, plus the complexity which comes from activity across a wide variety of sectors (industry, agriculture, services, organisations…) as well as the intertwining of national, European and international laws.

Our experience with companies of all sizes and across all sectors allows us to respond efficiently to any needs or problems.
We also work in English on behalf of international clients, managing their cases, in particular during restructuring operations and transfers of activities.
We also help our clients to solve problems of international mobility (expatriation, impatriation, detaching employees).
To this end, our network maintains strong relationships with other employment law firms situated abroad, allowing us to also manage European and international cases.

Our Project

  • Legal advice , with the aim of improving methods, helping decision-making & legal security (drawing up acts, studies and analyses, audits, legal intelligence). This could fit into the framework of a general support mission, or a specific mission to assist with a particular affair or case.
  • Management of litigation and pre-litigation for issues in our areas of expertise, before all courts: civil (in particular employment tribunals and social security tribunals), penal, administrative, European or arbitral tribunals…
  • Professional intra/inter-organisational training , with training courses or tailor-made training.

Our fees

We can offer a quote or come to an individual fee agreement, taking into account primarily :

  • the particular challenges of the case or affair
  • the complexity of the issues to be addressed
  • predicted workload and research to be carried out
  • the recurring nature of the matter
  • potentially, the result obtained.

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